Tuesday, May 10, 2011

9- The (Pie) Distraction

Yames stopped talking to the waitress and began to leave the restaurant. Emilio stood up to follow when all of a sudden a smell more powerful than love itself hit him like an 18-wheeler crashing into a wall. All thoughts swiftly escaped from his mind and were replaced by the terrifyingly magnificent sounds of an orchestra playing Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor. As the orchestra played, the aroma of a wonderful apple pie with hints of sweet nutmeg and cinnamon occupied the vast expanses of his empty mind.
I have to get that pie!
He raced to the cash register, beating most of the people that were hurrying to taste the same delicious baked goods. He stood in line, dazed as he recalled a memory from his childhood.

Mother stands by the sink, washing freshly picked, red, shining apples. I watch her patiently with eyes as large and shining as the apples themselves. After kneading the dough, slicing the apples and sprinkling the desired spices and ingredients on top, the pie is finally made and popped into our brick oven in the farmlands of Italy. I patiently wait at the table, letting the aroma dance lightly around my head and fill my nostrils. Finally the thing I have been waiting for is finally ready. My mother's mittened hands reach into the oven and pull out the steaming pie. She cuts me a slice and places the plate in front of me. Biting into the pie, my taste buds are sent on a roller coaster of happiness.

Emilio is tapped on the shoulder and shakes his head to return to reality. The sounds of forks clinking and light chatter once again fill his head and a darkly-dressed Asian man whispers, "I think you're up." Emilio looks in front of him into the inquisitive, smiling eyes of a young waitress. "What would you like sir?" she asks. "Ummm... an apple pie please?" he mumbles. She charges him for the pie and he receives his slice, carrying it and his mysterious box with him to a table in the back. Sitting down, he stares at the steaming, gooey, sweet slice of heaven in front of him.
Hello again. Long time no see.
He takes his fork, sighs deeply, and sinks the metal into his slice. Bringing the slice to his mouth, tears flow down his cheeks in joy. The Asian man who was behind him in line sits down at the same table as him, too engulfed in thoughts about his own slice of pie to notice the Italian silently weeping across from him. Emilio continues eating, allowing his mind to recall times in the past.
I have to complete my task. I MUST go back to Italy.
Looking out the window longingly he realizes that the power is out around town and he sees more people continuing to pour in the diner than he knew lived in the small town. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

8- One Step Closer

Leaving the carnival, with directions from that goth girl Alice, Emilio headed towards Dina's, hoping to find the man he was looking for.
I better make this quick.
He sped around the corner, causing mud to fling into the air and land at a poor homeless man's feet. The homeless man turned from harassing the poor woman inside the restaurant to yell a few profane words and make some gestures in the Italian's direction. Emilio ignored the man, and turned into the restaurant's parking lot. Parking his motorcycle, taking off his helmet and grabbing the box on the back of the bike, he creeped towards the door of Dina's. Inside he was greeted by the smells of delicious diner food, Baba O'Riley playing on the speakers, and two men ravenously devouring their meals, earning a disgusted look and gag from the man wearing animal pelts in the booth next to them.
Eww. No wonder Americans are so obese. 
He glanced around the restaurant, his eyes landing on his target. The man named Yames was leaning against the counter, blood dripping down his knuckles as he frantically whispered to the distressed waitress. Emilio moved towards the counter and sat down at a bar stool, placing the box on the stool next to him. Occasionally glancing towards the pair, he ordered a coffee and a bagel while he waited until they were done talking so he could make his move.

Monday, March 28, 2011

7- Coming Closer to the Prize

Walking away from the man named Paul and the scary clowns, Emilio saw an interesting looking character quickly dart into an alley with a man that greatly resembled Charlie Sheen. He followed them, curious about what they were doing. He peeked around the corner and saw Charlie take out a bag of a white powdery mixture.
Oh, well isn't this just great.
Emilio cleared his throat, making his presence known, and Charlie and the gothic girl gasped.
"What do you want?" Sheen nervously asked as he quickly hid the bag in his pocket.
"I know what you're doing. I could have you arrested for that. But instead of doing that, I propose an agreement."
"What do you propose?" the gothic girl asked.
"Well I need a little help with something, and what I need help with can also not be discussed with the police. If you help me out, I won't tell them what I just witnessed. What do you think?" He said and waited for the girl's reply.

6- Grease, Explosions and Crazy Smiles

Finally escaping the Ferris wheel, Emilio headed in the direction of the man he saw by the tree. Stepping over animal poop and quickly darting a man walking precariously on stilts, Emilio came face to face with an orange-haired, big-nosed clown with an oh-so-fake smile plastered to his obviously frowning face. Emilio shuddered and quickly ran around the clown, almost losing his footing. He noticed a man cowering near him, obviously also in fear of the scary make-up covered circus freaks.
Poor guy needs some help in this place.
Emilio continued onto his destination when a strange smell began to seep into his nostrils. Looking up, he witnessed a large explosion of smoke come from the food trailer. He wanted to help clean up the mess, but he had to find the man he was looking for before it was too late.

5- On Top of the World

After leaving the apartment, Emilio heard strange noises and glowing lights coming from down the street. He sped quickly towards the mystery and came upon a crazy sight. Men in strange costumes were breathing fire and swallowing swords. Strange animals were running around and scavenging for food in trashcans. He parked his motorcycle, grabbed the box, and headed towards the ticket booth. After purchasing a ticket, Emilio began to look for the man whose picture he was given.
What is she DOING?
He watched a brightly haired woman jump on stage and begin belting out the lyrics of one of his least favorite singers.
Ugh! Someone please make her stop!
He stopped and watched her for a minute as she performed and sang out in a beautiful voice. "Great job! But could you choose a song we want to hear?" he shouted at her. She continued singing, so he walked away, heading towards the Ferris wheel looming in the distance. Climbing on the ride, he hoped he would be able to see around the city a little better. Once he was on top of the world, he looked around as the Ferris wheel came to a screeching halt. To his left standing next to a tree, he saw the person he was looking for. He smiled gleefully and began to squirm in his seat, ready to get off the ride. "Hey! What's going on with ride?" someone shouted next to him. Realizing he was going to be on the ride for awhile, Emilio leaned back in his seat making himself comfortable. Reaching his hand across the seat, he pulled his precious box towards him and closed his eyes, thinking about what he would do when he finally met the person standing next to the tree.

Friday, March 25, 2011

4- A Close Crash

Emilio woke up in a daze lying on his couch to the jarring sound of a football announcer screaming into his microphone while the Falcons made a touch down.
What do Americans see in this crap?
He sighed and slowly unfolded from his crumpled position. Looking out of the window, he saw something white falling from the dark sky. It took him a few moments to realize that it was actually snowing...
I have to go out in THIS weather?
He walked over to his closet and rummaged around for a heavier jacket instead of his normal leather, motorcycle jacket. He stopped midway through his search when something caught his eye. A midsized box was sitting in the back of his closet.
I could have sworn I put this somewhere else....
The occurrences of the previous day came crashing into his mind like a train going full speed with malfunctioning brakes. He quickly leaned down and swept up the package, hugging it to his chest.
I won't chance leaving you here.
Hurriedly he put on the warmest jacket he could find and fled from the apartment to his motorcycle in the parking garage below. Tying his package to the back of the bike, he realized he had forgotten his helmet.
Oh well. I'll be fine.
He revved the engine and screeched out of the parking deck, quickly turning the corner he was startled by the jaguar parked precariously in front of him. Swerving, he missed hitting the car and continued on his way to carry out his dangerous task.
What fool leaves a nice car like that just parked for anyone to take? 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3- Black cats and black crows

At 6:50 Emilio turned his motorcycle out of the parking lot and headed towards the apartment complex. It had just begun to pour down rain, so he drove carefully trying to avoid the pigeon poop and rain puddles that threatened to make his tires slip. As he turned onto Calloway, a black cat darted in front of him.
Well luckily, I don't believe in bad luck. In Britain, black cats are a good thing...
He narrowly avoided running over the pour creature, but failed to see the giant open manhole that was spewing sewage like he once spewed his stomach contents of pasta and red wine during his last birthday in Italy. Quickly turning to the left and breaking to avoid the ominous hole, Emilio flew over the handlebars of his motorcycle. The box flew off of the back of the bike.
"NOOOO!!!!" Emilio cried as he clumsily tried to catch the precious container.
The box landed with a loud "SPLLLAAAACKKK" in the muddy, pigeon poop filled puddle to the side of the manhole.
"Oh dear God," Emilio said in relief, but just as he said it a runner turned the corner and almost stepped on the box. Moving quickly to the side, the runner stopped in mid-run and bent down towards Emilio.
"You ok there, bud?" he asked warmly, reaching out his hand to help the Italian up. Just as he did this, he lost his balance on the pavement and fell into the street.
"Whoops! Well, I'm alright!" The runner grinned, and just as he was getting up, bus #52's breaks did not work in time and ran him over right in front of Emilio's eyes.
Emilio stood up in shock and quickly called 911 as a crowd began to form on Calloway.
"What happened?"
"Is he alright?"
"Somebody see if he's still alive!"
Emilio gave the address, described what had happened and hung up the phone. He leaned down to pick up his box, restarted his motorcycle, and began slowly driving home, still in shock from what he had just witnessed. Above his head, he heard the caw of a crow and a folded sheet of paper landed in front of him. He stopped his bike, leaned down, retrieved the note and slowly unfolded it.
Emilio looked up and saw the crow flying towards a frail woman who was peering down at him from the roof top garden.
What's her problem?
He revved his engine and sped quickly out of her sight into the parking garage beside the apartment complex.
"Well today has been quite an interesting day," Emilio muttered, and with that, he parked and made his way upstairs to cook dinner and watch some TV.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

2- The Box

The gruff voiced man stood up from his chair, surprisingly smaller and shorter than Emilio had pictured.
"Follow me," he grumbled.
Leading Emilio, the man went through a door behind him and entered another dimly lit room where four men were sitting at a table smoking cigars, drinking scotch, and playing poker. Five barely dressed girls sat in various positions on their laps, next to their chairs and on the table watching the game intently. No one looked up as Emilio and the gruff voiced man approached them.
"Do you have the box?" he grumbled deeply.
Emilio looked from face to face at the group playing cards, wondering who GVM could be talking to. A large man wearing African garments pushed his chair back and lifted the young girl off his lap, placing her back in the chair as he got up.
"Come," he spoke with a thick Nigerian accent.
The Nigerian man moved over to a cabinet, which he opened slowly, revealing at least 30 guns of different shapes and sizes. He moved some to the side and reached down, bringing out a medium sized box, which he handed to Emilio.
"What's this?" Emilio began to pick off the tape that sealed the box shut.
"STOP! Wait until you go back to your home. Then when you get there you can see what your task is," GVM quickly grumbled, "Now you most go. We have things to do."
Emilio was led back to the front room and showed to the door, which was quickly locked behind him as he stepped outside. As he made his way over to his motorcycle, he heard a crow caw over his head.
"Damn birds..." he muttered, "They're such a nuisance."
He strapped the precious, mysterious box on to his bike, once again looking from left to right, making sure no one was watching him. He put on his helmet and drove away quickly, heading back to his apartment to discover what had been assigned to him and how he would manage to carry it out.
Little did he know, someone had been watching him. The bird named Koraki witnessed it all, and he quickly flew back to his beloved Corbie with much to tell her. Flying up to the roof top garden where she sat watching people go by, he landed by her side.
"Koraki, what happened?" Corbie quickly asked when she noticed how distressed the bird looked.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1- The Big Day

Emilio ran his fingers through his thick black hair as he checked his appearance in the cracked mirror of his new apartment bathroom.
How did I come to be in this disgusting place?
Leaving the dirty bathroom, he walked into his kitchen and grabbed his motorcycle keys off of the stained counter. He left his apartment, locking the door quickly, and turned the corner into the stairwell. In the staircase Emilio passed two stray cats licking up some sort of food. He spat in disgust and continued two floors down, reaching the ground floor of the complex. He left the building and turned the corner towards the parking garage, where his black Griso 1100 Moto Guzzi motorcycle was parked and locked up.
The only thing left from home.
Looking both ways to make sure no one was watching him, he slid on to his bike, strapped on his red helmet, and cranked the bike to start. Zooming away through the parking garage, he was unaware that someone was watching him, and intended to follow him wherever he was going.
Emilio made his way down Sam Street and onto Maple towards the Bar. He parked behind the bar and went into a back entrance, glancing from side to side, scanning for any unwelcome eyes before he entered the building. Emilio at first could not see very clearly because the darkness enveloping the room was a stark contrast to the blinding sun outside. He closed the door and walked farther into the room, searching in the darkness for who he was supposed to meet.
Coming from the back of the room he heard an old gruff voice say, "Thank you for being on time. I have good news for you."
"Was I assigned the job?" Emilio asked.
"Yes. And your big day is coming up very soon," the gruff voice replied.